Human Rights Policy and Workplace Diversity

To establish a friendly workplace environment, we have implemented the "Sexual Harassment Prevention and Disciplinary Measures" and "Employee Feedback and Complaint Management Procedures." Additionally, an open suggestion box has been created to provide a platform for employees to express their opinions. The channels for feedback are published on a public platform for employees to access, and the implementation effectiveness is explained as follows:

1. There have been no gender equality complaints in recent years.

2. To ensure that women in the workplace have peace of mind, emphasis has been placed on facility provisions, such as lactation rooms, equipped with tables, chairs, refrigerators, and air conditioning. The goal is to create an internal working environment conducive to achieving social gender equality and family friendliness.

3. Regardless of gender, we provide relevant support and employee care to maintain a balance between work and family. In practical terms, employees are likely to have a higher sense of corporate identity and belonging, contributing to talent attraction and retention.

4. In accordance with Taiwan's 'Persons with Disabilities Rights Protection Act,' the company is obligated to hire four employees with disabilities. As of 2023, the company has employed a total of eight, exceeding the legally required quota.

5. We uphold the principle of respecting individual differences for each employee. As a result, the company has never experienced any incidents of discrimination.

6. In response to the United Nations SDGs5 on gender equality, we are progressively increasing the percentage of female employees each year, aiming to achieve gender balance. The recent breakdown of male and female employees among existing and new hires is as follows:

In current employees 2021 2022
Male 253 287
Female 143 183
The female percentage 36.10% 38.90%
New employees 2021 2022
Male 42 34
Female 31 40
The female percentage 42.47% 54.50%