Sustainable management of suppliers

The Company has established the “Procedures for the Selection of Suppliers” under its internal control system; for procurement management, the appropriate material suppliers and engineering contractors shall complete the “Suppliers’ Basic Data;” then, the Company requests suppliers to use the “Supplier Evaluation Form” for self-evaluation in terms of environmental protection, occupational safety and health and other items. The Company’s CSR policy is reinforced through various means in the course of transactions between the Company and its suppliers.

In the new supplier evaluation and supplier’s annual evaluation established, the Company carries out inventory step by step to grasp the overall conditions of suppliers and jointly achieve the objective of sustainable development with companies working together with Allied Supreme.

To duly fulfill corporate social responsibility, commit to assist suppliers in focusing on issues of environmental protection, safety, health, and other issues for the facilitation of the implementation of the sustainable development of a balanced economy, society and environmental ecology, the supplier’s social responsibility commitment established between the Company and suppliers that provide services, supply relationship and business dealings are as follows:

The supplier promises to carry out transactions via open and transparent methods based on the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles and fulfill the implementation of corporate social responsibility while seeking sustainable corporate operations and profits, complying with labor interests and human rights, environmental protection, ethical corporate management, code of ethics and other relevant laws and regulations to facilitate the balance of economy, society, environmental ecology and the sustainable development. The supplier hereby declares to duly fulfills corporate social responsibility with its best efforts. If there is any violation of the abovementioned laws and regulations, it will cooperate with the requirements of the competent authority or the Company to make improvements within the prescribed period and regularly provide the improvement status to the Company for follow-up review until the condition is improved.


Execution status of the execution of joint amendment by suppliers in 2022:

Category Newly added quantity of commitment Ratio
Raw materials 4 5%
Supplies 20 23%
Complementary Materials 22 24%
System engineering 31 15%
Equipment 3 34%
Total 80  

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